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Bob Allen

"My priority is protecting your family"

Owner and President.

Before his storied career in private security, Bob worked in law enforcement, attending the Kansas State Police academy. Over the next several years he would accumulate a vast array of experience working distinguished roles in a multitude of law enforcement roles ranging from academy instruction to clandestine operations. Eventually placing him with the Kansas Bureau of Investigation's undercover division.


Throughout his time in law enforcement, Bob worked with several different agencies and was involved in varying law enforcement activities. These included both city and county Investigative Squads as well as several drug investigations.


Early on in its inception, NKCBI served as a private police force for the cities of Avondale and Randolph Missouri under Bob's direct supervision. Using his experience in the law enforcement field, he was able to transition NKCBI into a full-service security company by introducing the installation and monitoring of alarms, video, and access systems. 


Bob uses his decades of experience and a unique tactical approach to satisfy each of his clients needs. As owner he oversees all aspects of daily operations. This includes the NKCBI Emergency Response unit, installation and monitoring of alarm and video surveillance systems, as well as responding to client questions and concerns by email or by phone.

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